The Arora Company

In May 1915, Messenger & Co., Ltd., expanded into the manufacturer of electric stoves and fires. They entered into an agreement with Frederick Simmons Grogan “to work certain patents” and who would manage the new enterprise as a separate department.

The emphasis of the initial announcement[1] was around Frederick Simmons Grogan who was well known in the electrical industry; having for the previous seven years been connected with “Tricity” cookers, working with the British Electric Transformer Co[2].


The Electrician, Vol. LXXV, 7th May, 1915

Whilst the announcement noted the new concern, it did not release the name of the new company. It was finally decided to name ‘Arora‘ with the enterprise running for over 40 years.

The name Arora, which is a palindrome, stands for ‘All Radiant Over Right Area’ according to a note in The Electrician of 10th March, 1916.


Arora Company Letterhead, dated 1930





  1. The Electrician, Vol. LXXV, 7th May, 1915, page 174. 
  2. The company was registered on 10th February 1903, to take over and extend the business of the British Electric Transformer Manufacturing Co. In 1913 it acquired the Berry Construction Co., Ltd. which owned the Tricity patents. 1932 it was acquired by Crompton Parkinson.