As one would expect, England has by far the highest number of clients. The current database has in excess of 11,000 orders for horticultural structures, fittings, heating apparatus and the like. It is estimated that the total figure is probably around 20,000. The vast majority of these are single orders, although there a surprisingly significant minority of clients (excluding those purchasing engineering related products) who have multiple orders, mainly those purchasing heating systems.

This section is divided into counties, based upon a combination the firm’s own record books, which is based upon the country boundary in place at the time of ordering and the historic the Gazetteer of English Place names website, which lists locations by historic counties. In the few cases of conflict, the county listed in the gazetteer has been used.

In addition, the location (town, village, street, etc), is based upon the firm’s records, with changes being made when the firm’s records are inaccurate or in order to provide a more accurate location.

A significantly small number of locations still retain their horticultural structures and/or heating systems, etc., and these, unless otherwise stated, are on private land and therefore not accessible.