Loughborough – Introduction

This section deals specifically with a small selection of the firm’s known Loughborough-based customers and contains a significant amount of low level detail concerning both the firm’s work and what lead-up to the relevant order being placed. It is not intended to be a history of any specific site, building, factory, or business but merely attempts to place the firm’s involvement into context.

Despite being better known for their horticultural buildings; it appears that within the town it was their heating products and engineering expertise that was in demand. There were relatively few grand houses within the town that justified the elegant, intricate or sophisticated horticultural structures that they could produce; the horticultural-style structures that were undertaken were conservative and therefore, probably more serviceable. However, within a few miles of the town, it was a different story with the firm undertaking numerous prestigious commissions, mainly for the owners of the local estates, such as Long Whatton, Prestwold, Beaumanor, etc.

Having said this, Messenger’s most prolific period for building these more elaborate structures was probably the last quarter of the nineteenth century and here the company records are at their most incomplete. Similarly, sales records for the smaller ‘mass produced’ amateur greenhouses, garden sheds, sectional garages, etc., produced in the 1960s and 70s do not survive. Undoubtedly many of these greenhouses were purchased locally and some may still be extant and even in use.

Joseph Griggs and Family
Mountfields House, Forest Road
No. 17, Southfield Road
The Holt, Holt Drive
Wigwell Grange, Wirksworth
Memorial Baths, Granby Street

Joseph Deakin and The Loughborough Echo

Dead Lane/Church Gate
The Poplars, Beacon Road
Loughborough Echo, Swan Street
Loughborough Libraries
Ashby Road/Green Close Lane
Carnegie Library, Granby Street
Ashby Road
Field House
Picture Playhouse
Castledine Street
Glen Gairn
The Nook
William Armstrong
No. 34, Castledine Street Extension
Forest Road
The Gables
Rectory House / Glebe  House
Southfields, Southfields Road
Fairfield, Leicester Road
Parkside, Charnwood Road
Alfred S. Brett, Biddles & Co., & Harry Wye
H.O. Bowley Ltd., Hudson Street
All Saints Church, Thorpe Acre
Beacon View Nursery, Pytchley Drive 
No. 335, Beacon Road
Smaller and Later Structures
No. 88, Byron Street
Hilcroft, Beacon Road
No. 149, Nottingham Road
Three Greenhouses from One
No. 11, Lower Cambridge Street
Asbestos Garage
No. 9, Cumberland Road