St. Asaph Diocese Mission Chapels

Also in 1879, Messrs. Burder and Baker submitted a report to the St. Asaph Diocesan Church Building Society, regarding the cost of building a series of mission chapels across the Diocese.

At the Diocesan meeting held, at the National School, in late July, the Dean referred to the report, of which the following abstract appeared in The North Wales Chronicle on 2nd August, 1879: –

The cost of erecting these chapels must depend to a certain limited extent on the locality and the cost of carriage, and we have therefore omitted these items from entirely from the estimates. From various estimates, we have received selected the following, which we can recommend with confidence.

A. To seat 50
B. ……..“…… 84
C. ……..“…….112
Total Cost
£168 10 0
£220 0 0
£296 10 0
Cost per Sitting
£3 4 0
£2 12 6
£2 12 9

This estimate includes the building fixed complete, with all the necessary fittings, but is exclusive of any excavation or preparation of ground foundation, and of railway and other charges.

It is unclear whether Messrs. Burder and Baker had any further involvement. At the meeting the Vicar of Chirk and others considered “that iron churches were cheaper”. Reference was made to a firm in Wrexham that could supply iron churches capable of accommodating 100 worshippers for £160 or £1 12s. per sitting.

Three years later the Diocesan Church Building Society reported that since 1834, they had built 37 iron churches and mission chapels, although how many of these had been built in the previous three years in not recorded[1].


  1. The North Wales Chronicle, 30th July, 1881.