Hilda Florence Burder (1879- )

Hilda the eldest daughter of Alfred and Florence, was born in Loughborough on 5th August, 1879[1].

Hilda married Rev. Basil Le Fleming Fleming (1874-1966) B.A. of Jesus College, Cambridge, vicar of Prestwold-cum-Hoton[2]., on 24th January 1901 at All Saints’ Church, Loughborough. Hilda’s brother Alfred was best man and there were five bridesmaids – The Misses Phyllis and Christabel (sisters), Miss Muriel Burder (cousin) , Miss Doris Monck (cousin), and Miss Vere Fison. The couple honeymooned in Brighton, on the south coast[3].

The Rev. Basil Le Fleming Fleming was the youngest son of Hugh Fleming, rector of Great Thurlow, Suffolk. He went on to become Rector of Great Thurlow following in his father’s footsteps. Together with his brother Hugh Raincock Le Fleming Fleming they changed their surname by deed poll to Le Fleming on 1st October 1934[4]. At the time, Basil was still living in Great Thurlow when in 1951, after 43 years as rector, he moved along with his family to Horsley Manor, near Stroud[5], where he died in 1966, aged 92.

They had at least one child:

Lancelot Basil Le Fleming (1902-1975)

Lancelot was born on 27th November 1901 and became a medical doctor, living in Stroud, where he died in 1975.



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