Thomas Sidney Nash (1860-1939)

Thomas Sidney Nash was one of ten children of the Rev. Frederick Gifford Nash (1819-1904) and Sarah Elizabeth Hackett (1833-1905).

Sarah and Frederick Nash’s Memorial Windows, St. Peter’s Church, Loughborough

Frederick Gifford Nash, the son of Thomas Nash, was born in Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire in 1819. Educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, he graduated in 1842 and became a private tutor at Elstree, Hertfordshire. In 1844 he was ordained a deacon and a priest the following year. He became curate at St. Mary & St. Clement’s Church, Clavering in Essex in 1844-45 and then vicar at St. Michael and All Angels, Diseworth, Leicestershire, from 1845 to 1851. He married Sarah Elizabeth Hackett in August 1851 either at Guildford or Albury, Surrey. The couple subsequently moved to Berden, Essex where he was vicar at St Nicholas, until 1875 when he returned to Clavering as vicar. He remained there until 1898, when he retired and moved to No. 107, Ashby Road, Loughborough, where he lived with his wife and children until his death on 21st August 1904. The funeral service was held at St. Peter’s Church, followed by an internment at Loughborough Cemetery. He left an estate valued at £3,786 13s. 6d.


Clavering‘, No. 107, Ashby Road, Loughborough

It appears that the Rev. Frederick Nash probably introduced the house name ‘Clavering’ to Loughborough. No. 107, Ashby Road, was the first to be known by that name. Following his death and the eventual disposal of the house, it was Kenneth Maclean Burder and his wife, Frances, Frederick Nash’s daughter, who continued the name. They initially used it for the house further along Ashby Road, beyond Field House. Then, as seen earlier, renamed No 45 Park Road, in the early 1940s.

Thomas Sidney Nash was born in 1859 in Berden, Essex and died on 9th July 1939, which together with his funeral was reported in the Loughborough Echo, on 14th July, 1939:

Death of Mr. T. Sidney Nash

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Thomas Sidney Nash, of “Stoneleigh’ Forest-road. Loughborough, which occurred on Sunday after a short illness. He was 80 years or age.

Mr. Nash was the third son of the late Rev. Frederick Gifford Nash. of Clavering. Essex, and later or Ashby-road, Loughborough, where he lived in retirement.

One of a family of 10. Mr. Nash was the survivor or four sons. Of his six sisters five are living.

He was educated at Bishop’s Stortford Grammar School and as a young man became a clerk on the Stock Exchange. An adventurous spirit took him to Oregon. America. where for 10 years he was a cattle rancher and fruit farmer in partnership with his brother. the Mr. Herbert Nash.

On his return to this country he became secretary to Messrs. Messenger and Co., Ltd., horticultural engineers, Loughborough. He held this position until his death. and had been in the service of the firm for approximately half-a-century.

In his younger days, Mr. Nash had a keen interest in most outdoor sports and excelled at lawn tennis and cricket.

His ability at the latter game was first noticed when he played for his School 1st XI when a last-minute vacancy arose in the team, and so well did he play that his schoolmates carried him shoulder high from the ground. Later he played for Loughborough Town C.C. and is to hold the record for the biggest hit ever made on the ground.

Mr. Nash was a brilliant lawn tennis player. a game which he still indulged in up to a year or two ago. He had a devastating service. which he used to good effect in games for the Loughborough Town Club and for Leicestershire.


Of indoor games his favourite pastime was chess. For several years, he was first-board for the Loughborough Chess Club. and he had also represented Leicestershire.

Mr. Nash had many other interests. and was an ardent naturalist. Nature in all its branches. including the weather, the birds and flowers were his constant study and he had an exhaustive knowledge of the subject.

For about 30 years he had contributed weather notes to the Loughborough Echo.

He leaves a widow and one son. Mr. Thomas Gifford Nash. who is studying electrical engineering at Loughborough College.

The funeral took place at Emmanuel Parish Church. Loughborough. on Wednesday. the Rev. T. W. W. Pillifant (curate-in-charge) and the Rev. D. R. Robson (Rector of South Kilworth). a former Rector of Emmanuel. officiating.

The cortege was met at the church gate by the clergy, crossbearer and robed choir. together with Mr. F. Toone and Mr. P. Lemon carrying the Church-wardens’ wands.

Mr. T. C. Moulds was at the organ and the hymns were “Through all the changing scenes of life.” “On the Resurrection morning ” and ” Abide with me.” The 23rd Psalm was also sung.

The bearers were four employees of Messrs. Messenger and Co. Ltd., Messrs. G. Bradshaw. junr., H. Smith. L. Stafford and E. Walker.

The family mourners were: Mrs. Nash (widow), Mr. T. G. Nash (son). Mrs. Kenneth Burder. Miss K. Nash. Miss E. Nash. Mrs. J. O. Fison. Mrs. C. E. welldon (sisters). Mr. Kenneth Burder. Mr. Derek Burder. Mr. Eric Burder,. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Burder, Mr. Ted Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Burder. Rev. and Mrs. A. E. Averay Jones.


Among those also present were Mr. and Mrs. H. Cunningham, Mrs. J. C. Coltman. Mrs. E. B. Hancock, Mr. T. Collier and Mr. Haywood (representing Messrs. Messenger and Co., Ltd.). Mr. C. W. Toone, Miss Toone, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Exon, Mr. R. C. Harriss (representing the Loughborough Echo), Miss E. Morgan, Mrs. White, Mrs. Minor. Mr. I. S. Pullinger, Mr. C. W. Edwards and Mr. D. A. Dowdeswell (representing the Emmanuel Badminton Club).

Wreaths were received from: Joan and Tommy: Kenneth. Daisy and Derek Burder: Katie and Edie: Lucy: Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Welldon: Muriel, Ermen, Winnie: Eric and Dorothy: Mr. and Mrs. H. Gifford Burder: Clavering and Evelyn Fison: Mabel. Gladys, Marjorie, Giffie, Lorna. Githa and Henry: Violet, Charles and Victor: Alfred Burder and Phyllis: Edwyn and Kittie: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Edgar: Mr. and Mrs. Brocklehurst and family: Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Toone and family: Mr. C. W. Toone and Miss Janet Toone: Miss Jean Michael: Mrs. J. C. Coltman: Mr. and Mrs. E. Walker and family: Ruth Walker: Mr. and Mrs. Bentley and Eileen: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Edwards and family: Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hancock, Michael and Erica: Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Pullinger and Ian: Mr. and Mrs. George Morgan and Miss Morgan: Mr. and Mrs. Winters. Mr. and Mrs. Brookes: Mr. and Mrs. Minor: Staff of Messrs. Messenger and Co.: Workmen of Messrs. Messenger and Co.: Emmanuel Badminton Club: Directors of Loughborough Echo.