Elizabeth Burder’s Funeral

Walter’s wife, Elizabeth died in 9th October 1931, at Field House. Her death and funeral were reported in the Loughborough and Shepshed Echo, on 16th October 1931: –


A Life of Service.

We regret to announce the death of Mrs. W. C. Burder, which occurred at Field House, Loughborough, on Friday. She was the widow of the late Mr. W. C, Burder, J. P., who died on June of this year, and the passing of two such familiar figures within a few months will be deeply felt, especially in the parish of St. Peters. Mrs. Burder was 76 years of age and was a daughter of the late Rev. Frederick Gifford Nash, at one-time vicar of Clavering, Essex. Mrs. Burder took a deep interest in the welfare of St. Peter’s Church and was very prominent in the movement which led up to the establishment of the church. It was in the year 1896, whilst Mayoress of Loughborough that she laid one of the foundation stones of the church. She also had a lot to do with the building of the St. Peter’s Sunday school and was always ready to help in any matter affecting the welfare of the parish. She also took an interest in the social life of the town, and her work for the Hospital, in conjunction with the late Mr. Burder is well known. She was president of the local branch of the N.S.P.C.C., and was at one-time secretary. Mrs. Burder was for several years’ president of the Loughborough Women’s Unionist Association and was chairman of the Storer Ward branch. It was in May 1926, that Mr. and Mrs. Burder celebrated their golden wedding anniversary when they were presented with a suitably inscribed silver bowl by the congregation of St Peters. Mrs. Burder was also the recipient of a presentation from the Ladies’ Working Party of the Church.

She leaves three sons and three daughters to mourn her loss.

The funeral took place on Tuesday, the first part of the service being held in St Peter’s Church, which was crowded with those who had come to pay tribute to the memory of the deceased. The Rev. F. Tolhurst conducted the service, the Rev. J. Adams read the lesson and the Rev. Canon c. E. Haynes, the Rev. D. R. Robson, the Rev. B. Keynon, and the Rev. E. A. Martin were also present. The choir was in attendance with Mr. Wilfred Kilger at the organ. Three hymns were sung “Those who course on earth is o’er”, “On the resurrection morning” and “Jesus lives”. The internment took place at the Loughborough Cemetery. There were many beautiful wreaths.

The mourners were: Mr. and Mrs. Eric Burder[1], Mrs. Hollick Nash and Mr. R. G. Burder[2], Mr. & Mrs. Eustace Baker[3], Mr. & Mrs. Averay Jones and Geoffrey, Mr. & Mrs. Gifford Burder, Mr. & Mrs. T. S. Nash, Dr. & Mrs. Gifford Nash, Miss Nash and Miss Fison, Mrs. Welldon and Miss E. Nash, Mr. & Mrs. K. Burder[4], Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Burder[5], Mrs. Tainsh and Mrs. Monck, Mr. Edwin Burder and Miss Burder, Rev. Basil Le Fleming, Mrs. Mac Kibbin, Nurse Raven and Mrs. Belton.

The bearers were: – Mr. John Cunningham, Mr. Barker, Mr. Edwards, Mr. Haw, Mr. Topliss, Mr. Chamberlain, Ronnie Pearson, and Eddy Taylor.

The Wreaths

Wreaths were sent from the following :—

From her six children; Dods and Betty; Ted, Evelyn and Pam; Eustace, Dick, Marjorie and Foe; Ernest, Geoffrey and Martin; Flo, Patrick and Judy; Herbert, Flo and family: Joan and Tommy; Walter, Mabel and family: Katie and Edie; Lucy; Charlie, Millie and Eirene: Kenneth, Daisy and Derek; Mrs. Edward F. B. Monck and family: Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. C. Burder and Miss Burder; Lorna and Bob; Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Clavering Fison; Douglas and Audrey; Edwyn and Kitty; George and Gladys; Chris and Mac; Rev. and Mrs. Basil Le Fleming and family: Rev. A. O. Jones, Miss Averay Jones and Miss D. Averay Jones; Rainey, Dolly and family; the Sunday School Teachers of St. Peter’s; Mrs. Arthur Paget, Zoe and Cora; St. Peter’s Choir Boys; Miss Beardsley; Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Jones; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Woolley; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Deane and Miss Deane; Assistant Clergy. Church Officials and Church Council: Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Jones and Dollie; Col. and Mrs. Martin; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tonne: Lionel and Marjory Beardsley; Mrs. Edward Onions; the Loughborough Men and Women’s Unionist and Conservative Association; the Staff of Messenger-and Co., Ltd.: Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Stamford; F. E. Harrison, E. H. Nash and C. C. Nash: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hole; .Mr and Mrs. G. A. Hodson: Mrs. Trevor Jones; Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Grogan; Rev. and Mrs. J. Ilsley; Mr. and Mrs. F. Gray Healey; Jean; the Workmen; Mrs. Edmund Eddowes: Mr. and Mrs. A. Blain; Mrs. George Bradshaw and Gladys; flowers from her garden; Nurse Raven: Mrs. and Miss Jones: Mr. and Mrs. Wigh-man and family; Miss E. F. Roper and Miss Bagnall; Mrs. Henry James; Major H. L. Beardsley; Mr. and Mrs. Wise; Marjorie and Lizzie; Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bent Beardsley; E. H. Allsopp, Ltd.; Members of the Mothers’ Union; the Mothers of St. Peter’s Mothers’ Meeting; the Maids of Field House and Redholm; Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and family; the St. Peter’s Working Party; Mrs. Hands, senr and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hands; Ron and Eddy; Dr. and Mrs. James A. Unitt and family; Alan and Mabel; Rev. F. Tolhurst; Mr. and Mrs. Pullinger; Mrs. Cecil Richardson; Mrs. Henry Deane and Mrs. Arnold Hanford; Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Brunton; Freeda; from her old Nurse, Annie.


Eilzabeth Burder’s Grave, Loughborough Cemetery
Elizabeth Burder’s Memorial Window, St. Peter’s Church, Loughborough




  1. Son and daughter-in-law.
  2. Son.
  3. Daughter & son-in-Law.
  4. Nephew.
  5. Nephew.