Eric Walter Gifford Burder (1877-1945)

Eric, was born on 17th August 1877 in Loughborough. On 28th October 1902, at St. Peter’s Church, Bayswater, he married Dorothy Hollick Nash (1881-1962), his brother-in-law’s sister and the youngest daughter of the late Dr. Edmund (1833-1902) and Marian Lucy Nash, the second daughter of Swan Wedd Nash[1]. At the time of their marriage, Eric was living at home, describing himself as an engineer and Dorothy was living at No. 78, Kensington Park Road. London.

Eric was a Conservative town councillor for the Storer Ward and worked in the family business. Like his father, he was a keen photographer; to an extent that he exhibited across the country. In October 1908, he won first prize at the Rotherham Photographic Society’s nineteenth exhibition and second prize, a few days earlier, at an exhibition in Southampton[2]. He also sold numerous of his photographs. He even appeared in an advertisement[3] for Messrs Raines & Co., of Ealing.


Raines & Co., advertisement – 1910 British Journal of Photography Annual – 1910

For a time, they lived at ‘Broxtowe’, No. 129, Ashby Road, Loughborough and was of sufficient standing to have two live-in domestic servants, one a cook (who in 1911[4] was Norwegian) and the other a housemaid. By 1912[5], they had moved across the road to live at ‘Ingleside’, No. 190, Ashby Road, Loughborough.


‘Broxtone’, No. 129, Ashby Road, Loughborough

By the late 1920s[6], Eric was living back at home, at Field House, with his parents, brother Raymond and sister Muriel. In early 1939[7], whilst travelling to and from Tangiers, Dorothy and daughter were residing at Westcroft, Avenue Road, Herne Bay, Kent, the town of her birth.


Ingleside’, No. 190, Ashby Road, Loughborough.

Eric died, after a long illness, on 17th July 1945 at No. 24, Wellington Road, Taunton[8]. He left an estate valued at £11,065 8s. 5d.; his widow and daughter were among the executors.

Dorothy died on 10th April 1962, at No. 17, Upper Maze Hill Street, Leonards-on-Sea, whilst residing at Hillcrest Cottage, No. 29A, Amherst Road, Hastings.

Eric and Dorothy had one daughter, Dorothy Elizabeth Mary (1915-).

Dorothy was born in Loughborough, on 23rd November 1915 and married Lt.-Col. Ogilvie David Bennett on 6th September 1945, at St. George’s Church, Taunton. They had at least two children, Veronica and David. Dorothy died on 14th September 1980, whilst living at No. 29, Hill Crest, Amherst Road, Hastings, East Sussex.

Lt.-Col. Ogilvie David Bennett, late of the 15th Punjab Regiment[9], was born on 10th June 1885 in Rawalpindi, India (now Pakistan) and the eldest son of Lt.-Col John Bennett and Sophia Julia Bennett (nee Thomas). On 1st November 1910 he married Audrey Elizabeth Ferrier Grant, the daughter of Sir Alfred Hamilton Grant, at the Roman Catholic Church in Peshawar, India (now Pakistan). Audrey died on 28th February 1938, aged 40.



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