Charles Alfred Jacques (1848-1928)

Charles Alfred Jacques senior was born in Bishopsgate Without, London, in 1848 and by 1871[1] had moved to Loughborough, when he was lodging with Edmund Rowbotham, at No. 26, Church Gate and describing himself as a plumber’s labourer, working for Thomas Messenger.


No. 26, Church Gate, Loughborough

He married Lucy Ann Priestley[2] (1853-1928) on 26th December 1873, at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. In 1881[3], the couple were living at No. 40, Wards End, with their three children, Charles Alfred (1875-1958), Rosanna Lucy (c.1877-) and Margaret Beatrice (c.1879-), when he was described as a glazier and painter. Around 1887[4], the family moved to No. 115, Station Road, a newly built terraced house on the Paget estate where they resided for a little over 20 years. In 1891[5], still described as a glazier and painter, he was living with his wife, four children (Olive Philis (1885-), his mother-in-law, aged 76 and niece, May Ratcliffe, aged 4. By 1901[6], their son and two of the daughters (Rosanna Lucy and Margaret Beatrice) had married and left home. Their daughter Olive, who was working as a hose maker, was joined by two nephews (William and Thomas Newman, aged 17 and 11 respectively) and a visitor, Ether Foster, aged 15. Both the nephews were born in London, with the elder working as a painter and decorator. Living next door, at No. 116, was Arthur North, who at the time was working as a labourer for the firm.


No. 115 & 116, Station Street, Loughborough

The family moved into No. 84, Cumberland Road, one of the firm’s houses, in the autumn of 1909, despite not being a foundry-man, describing himself as a greenhouse painter in the 1911 census. He shared the house with his wife and daughter, Olive, a “turner of hosiery” presumably working in one of the town’s hosiery factories or dye-works.


Nos. 82 (left) and 84 (right), Cumberland Road, Loughborough

He died on 16th August 1928, whilst still at No. 84, leaving effects valued at £170 11s. 8d.[7] and in his will, dated three days prior to his death, he left his effects shared equally between his four children, Charles Alfred, Margaret Pym, Rosanna Pepper, Olive Watts and his grandson, Arnold Watts.


Rear of Nos. 82 (right) and 84 (left), Cumberland Road, Loughborough



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