Charles Alfred Jacques (1875-1958)

Charles Alfred Jacques junior, the son of Charles Alfred Jacques and Lucy Ann Priestley, was born on 13th January 1875, in New Street Loughborough.

In 1898, he married Elizabeth Main, the daughter of William Main, builder, and Elizabeth, who was born on 26th September 1874, at No. 7, Albert Street Loughborough.


No. 7, Albert Street, Loughborough

Following their marriage, they lived in Station Street for over 30 years; initially at No. 30[1], followed by 131[2], 129[3] and No. 20[4]. They had at least nine children, five daughters (Elsie May (1900-), Nora Muriel (1902-), Dorothy Evelyn (1906-), Florence Phyllis (1909-), Beatrice Winnifred (1910-)) and four sons (Harold Charles (1913-1996), Frank A. (1916-), George M. (1917-), Eric Ivo (1921-1972)).



In 1911[5], Charles was working for the firm as a labourer, although a qualified joiner. Later in life, the family lived at No. 4, Highfields Drive, Loughborough.



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