Henry Ryder (1862-1934)

Born in Loughborough on 20th January 1862 to parents Joseph, a hosiery needle maker, and Hannah Thurman, Henry Ryder appears to have gone straight from school to work for the firm as a labourer. A job he appears to have held for the rest of his working life. In 1871, he was living at No. 57, Wood Gate, with his parents and eight siblings. Between 1873[1] and before 1878[2] they moved initially to No. 12, Russell Street and by 1879[3] to No. 39, Russell Street. Where in 1881[4], aged 19, he was working for the firm as a labourer and still living at home with his parents and nine siblings.


No. 39, Russell Street, Loughborough

In 1886, he married Sarah Ann Hawley, who was born on 11th August 1866, in Leicester. By 1891[5] they were living on the north side of Ashby Square at No. 51[6], with their three children, where they stayed for around 10 years[7]. The family subsequently moved to No. 3, Granville Street by 1901[8], by which time they had had another two children, three sons and two daughters. By 1904[9], the family had relocated further along the street to No.11, where they remained into the 1930s[10]. In 1911[11], three of their children were still living at home; Thomas, aged 21, a dyer’s labourer; Annie, aged 19, a machinist for an underwear manufacturer; John Thomas, aged 23 now married and a wood labourer at an engineering works, along with his wife Katherine nee Brewin, aged 23, and their daughter, Sybil Annie, aged 8 months.


No. 3, Granville Street, Loughborough

Henry Ryder died on 14th April 1934, aged 72[12]; his wife, Sarah, died six years later in 1940, whilst living at No. 11, Granville Street. Their son, John Thomas continued living at No. 11, after his parent’s death[13] and died in 1972, aged 84.


No. 11, Granville Street, Loughborough



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