Joseph Price (1840-1903)

Born in Ibstock in 1840 to parents, William, an engineer, and Ann Chandler. In 1851[1], he was living, in Ibstock, with his 82-year-old maternal grandfather[2], his parents and three siblings.

Joseph began with the firm in 1861 as a joiner, an occupation he held throughout his working life. He married Mary Ann Banks (c.1839-1907) in early 1861 and at the beginning of April 1861[3], the couple, together with their 7-day old daughter, Ann, were living in Thorpe Acre with Mary Ann’s parents, John, a shoemaker, Rebecca, his wife, and their two children, Hannah, aged 17, a general servant and John, 13, a shoe maker.

In 1867[4], Joseph and Mary Ann were living in Moira Street, Loughborough, probably with Ann’s parents[5]. By 1871, they had moved to No. 8, Holland Street[6], Loughborough, with their two sons, John William aged 6, and George Henry, 2 and a lodger, Aquilla Bowler, a tailor. They remained in Holland Street until at least 1873 before returning to Moira Street prior to 1881[7] when they were living at No. 26, with their 12-year old son and Mary Ann’s widowed[8] father[9]. Here they remained until around 1900[10], when they moved No. 25, Cumberland Road, only 150 yards away from the firm’s factory.


No. 25, Cumberland Road, Loughborough

Joseph died in late 1903, aged 61, probably whilst living in Cumberland Road. Mary Ann died a year later, aged 58, having moved out of Cumberland Road.



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