Members of the Sports and Social Club were also responsible for forming the Soar Valley Cycling Club with one of their members, Mr. T.W. Green winning the first National Cyclists’ Union Open event of the year, the Beacon Hill Climb[1].

In 1956, members typically went out for a ride on Sundays, with club night held on Monday evenings in the Britannia Inn, Pinfold Gate, Loughborough. On 4th March, members went on a 120-mile ride across Nottinghamshire and on 11th they held a “72 in. restricted gear “25”” on Derby Road starting at 09:00; afterwards they had lunch at Blakeshay Farm and tea at Sharnford[2]. On numerous Sunday’s during the summer months, opportunities were available for members, either as individuals but occasionally as a team, to participate time trials or race, typically organised by local cycling For example, on 6th May 1956, the club entered two teams: one in the Notts. Castle Bike Club “50” and another in the Grimsby clarion “25”: for those members not racing there was an opportunity to ride out and meet the racing members, with lunch taken at Newark and tea at Southwell[3].

Outings were not confined to the summer months, in early February 1957[4], the club had a 107-mile excursion venturing out through Derbyshire into Staffordshire via Croxall and Alrewas; with lunch taken at Whittington then continuing through Lichfield, Stonebridge, Meriden in Warwickshire; stopping for tea in Market Bosworth before finally returning to Loughborough via Leicester.

Outings were not confined to Sundays or single days. Again, in February 1957 the club organised a club run on a Tuesday, leaving the Market Place at 9 a.m. and calling in at Tissington Spires for lunch and Ambergate for tea. The following weekend was a “hostel run”; not leaving Loughborough until 13:45 they headed for Hartington Hall, returning the following day.


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