Whilst the whole web site is obviously given over to the history of the firm in one form or another, the history section covers, albeit briefly, the firm’s presence in Loughborough from 1875 until 1980.

The Beginning Covers the first few years of the firm from their inception in 1875.
The Firm’s Factories Covers the firm’s three Loughborough sites:

  • High Street.
  • Sparrow Hill.
  • The first thirty years of Cumberland Road.
Company Houses Covers the whole period from when they were built upto the present day. 
The Loughborough Boiler The Introduction of the Loughborough Boiler.
The Cameo Company  The expansion into manufacturing teak and oak mouldings.
The Quorn Boiler The Introduction of the Quorn Boiler.
Word War One  Covers their attempts to win Government Contracts, their private war-related contracts and their winning contracts to manufacture 6-inch mortar bombs.   
Engineering  The evolution of the firm into an engineering manufacturing business.
Shows Attendance at horticultural, agricultural and related shows and exhibitions.
World War Two  Covers their attempts to win Government Contracts. 
MVL Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.
Centenary Celebrations Celebratory dinner to mark the firm’s one hundred years in business.
Boat Building Boat Building venture.
Pattern Making Shop The beginning of the end.
Knitting Machines  An attempt to manufacture circular knitting machines.
Financial Crisis Downturns and the recessions.
Planning Applications  An attempt to manage the way out of the financial crisis.
Receivership  The End.
Trading Estate  The transformation of the Cumberland Road site into a trading estate.