1979 – Receivership

The firm had succumbed to the inevitable calling in the receivers in September 1979[1]: –

A RECEIVER has been appointed to handle the affairs of the engineering firm Messenger and Co., Ltd., of Cumberland Road, Loughborough, who have a cash liquidity problem.

Mr William Sowman of Leicester, was brought in at the request of the board of directors.

The company are well known for high quality machining, mainly for the materials handling industry and for foundry castings.

At the moment the 70 employees are working normally. Over the years the company only used three sites and one of these only lasted a relatively short-time.

The final notice was issued in the Loughborough News on 20th February 1980:

One of Loughborough’s oldest firms, Messenger & Co., Ltd., will close on Monday. The Receiver’s effort to find a buyer has failed.

Founded in 1858, Messenger built conservatories and greenhouses, mainly for municipal nurseries, and, more recently, high quality castings for mechanical handling industry.

Twenty people have already left and the remainder of the workforce between 30 and 40, will be made redundant.

Several concerns are believed to be interested in developing the Cumberland road site.

Interestingly, they ceased making bespoke greenhouse and conservatories, for which they were duly famous, long before they closed[2].


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