Royal Horticultural Society’s Provincial Show held in Preston, 10th -11th June 1878

The firm, along with its competitors attended the two day Royal Horticultural Society’s Provincial show held in in Preston, Lancashire. According to contemporary reports they either displayed four or five span-roofed structures. Being only three years into the new company, it is almost certain that these greenhouses were to Thomas Messenger’s, the previous owner’s, specifications and designs. The firm also displayed the previous owners triangular tubular boiler and his patent valves.

Messrs. Messenger & Co., of Loughborough, have five span-roofed houses, strong and well-built structures, and one of them, a Cucumber or Melon and propagating house combined, appeared to us a well-designed structure for the object in view (sec fig. 8)[1].

Messrs. Messenger & Co., Loughborough, exhibit four span-roofed houses of various sizes and adapted for different purposes—neat, light, strong, well-ventilated, and efficiently heated structures; two span-roofed frames, a range of glass coping, and a tubular saddle boiler with triangular-shaped bars, evidently a powerful boiler: also examples of their patent valves for hot-water pipes, which are admittedly of great excellence[2].

Figure 8, The Gardeners’ Chronicle, 13 July 1878



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