Building Trades’ Exhibition – 1896

The Building Trades’ Exhibition was opened on Monday 20th April 1896, at St. James’s Hall, Manchester, by Mr. John Holden, F.R.I.B.A., the president of the Manchester Society of Architects

O 24th April 1896, The Building News magazine, gave a brief description of both the firm’s and their subsidiary’s exhibits: –

At Stand No. 30, the Cameo Woodworking Co. have an interesting exhibition of the latest method of treating wood for decorations, showing a handsome ornamental mantelpiece composed of cameo panels, several screens of similar workmanship, and patterns of various mouldings, &c. The next stand is that of Messrs. Messenger and Co., who exhibit a section of a greenhouse, with the iron stage, ventilating gear, and other fittings, and the Loughborough boiler.

The firm was awarded a silver medal for their glasshouse exhibit[1].


  1. The Building News, 22nd May 1896.