“Ideal” Sectional Domestic Boilers

Ideal Domestic Sectional HW-6 Boiler without Jacket

During the 1930s the firm sold eleven models of the Ideal sectional domestic boiler designed for providing hot water. Each model was available with or without an insulated galvanised steel jacket. The sections could also be provided with a rustless option, using the Bower-barff [1] process. The boilers featured patent Noco doors, which provided pre-heated secondary air supply above the the fire assisting combustion of the gases, and increasing efficiency, keeping the baffles cool

Ideal Domestic Sectional HW-60 Boiler with Jacket
Ideal Domestic Sectional Boiler
Ideal Domestic Sectional Boiler


  1. A certain process for producing upon articles of iron or steel an adherent coating of the magnetic oxide of iron (which is not liable to corrosion by air, moisture, or ordinary acids). This is accomplished by producing, by oxidation at about 1,600°F. in a closed space, a coating containing more or less of the ferric oxide (Fe2O3) and the subsequent change of this in a reduced atmosphere to the magnetic oxide (Fe2O4).