The “Majestic” Dome-Top Boiler

For a relatively short period, the firm sold Messrs. Robert Jenkins & Co., of Ivanhoe Works, Wortley Road, Rotherham, “Majestic” dome-top boiler, designed for “hot water supply or circulation[1].

How many they sold or exactly how long they offered it for is unknown. It appears in their 1910 heating catalogue and was still on offer in 1913, although it does not appear in either their 1897 or 1915 heating and ventilation catalogues.

“Majestic” Dome-top Boiler – 1910 Catalogue

The boiler was targeted at hotel, public institutions, etc., with either a large surface area of pipes or radiators to heat or who required large volumes of hot water, for baths, etc.

The standard model used hot water for heating, although by increasing the height of the outer shell above the top of firebox, it could be converted to be used for heating by steam.

“Majestic” Dome-top Boiler Price List (1910 and 1913)


  1. Messenger & Co. Ltd.’s 1910 Heating Catalogue.