Coke Crushers

The firm introduced two cast iron coke crushers before First World War, which they sold upto the Second World War. These crushers, one self-supporting on a stand (No. 310A) and the other wall mounted (No. 311A) were targeted at users of the firm’s Loughborough boiler and a third-party Baseco boiler thee firm sold for a short period. These boilers worked best when used with coke about the size of walnuts, which the crushers were specifically designed to produce.

Coke Crusher with Stand

In the 1910’s these two crushers sold for £1 6s. 6d. (No. 310A) and 15s. (No. 311A); this had risen to £2 10s. and £1 12s. 8d. respectively in 1925. Interestingly, by 1928, the prices had fallen to 5s. and 2s. 6d. respectively.


Coke Crusher without Stand