The firm marketed two types of greenhouse shelving:

  1. Firstly, shelving for the ‘front’ of the greenhouse, whereby a simple hanging metal bracket is attached to the principal rafter. It was offered in seven widths, 6in., 7in., 8in., 9in., 10in., 11in. and 13in. and two styles, solid wood (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11in.) and slatted wood (9, 11 and 13in.). The wood shelves were 1½in. thick and sold in per foot lengths; the price of the hangers included the necessary coach screws.



  2. Secondly, shelving for the back wall of the greenhouse, whereby a square iron shelf bracket to be attached with a number of screws. It was available in four sizes – 7in. x 5in.; 8¾in. x 6in.; 12½in. x 9in.; 12½in. x 10½in.