Garden Furniture

In the late 1950s[1], presumably as a method of diversification, the firm produced a range of wooden garden furniture including benches, folding tables, flower tubs and plant holders, a line they had in production as early as 1910[2].

The benches and folding table looked very ordinary, with some of them having a ‘flat-pack’ appearance. Only one of the benches assumes any design characteristics, although the tubs and plant holders on the other hand have a more classical appearance and wouldn’t look out of place today. Garden tubs were produced in a number of designs, one 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep, ranging from 12 inches in length upto 48 inches, in 12 inch steps, process ranged from £1 upto £1 15s. They also produced another range, with or without legs, which were narrower (7 inches) and shallower (8 inches with or 9 inches without legs) and upto 48 inches in length, with prices starting at £1 10s.




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