The School Board Window Opening Apparatus

Probably a spin off from their greenhouse and conservatory ventilation apparatus, the frim designed a unique window opening and closing system targeted at schools and marketed as the “School Board Window Opening Apparatus”. It was being offered for sale in their 1897 catalogue[1] and still on offer forty years later, essentially unaltered. The apparatus was designed to open and close fan-lights. They had a removable handle thus preventing tampering from pupils. The mechanism was also capable of being held secure in any position and when closed because of the unique shape of the knuckle, the lights were held secure, preventing any rattle or noise. They were sold in single or double sets, capable of opening 1 or 2 lights or 3 or 4 lights, respectively. It appears that the firm made no significant enhancements over the forty year period. Early on they were offering the apparatus in three finishes, gun metal, nickel plated or bronzed, at no extra cost; by the 1930s these options had been removed. Between 1897 and 1938 the price had essentially doubled, a single set, capable of opening one light cost 17s. in 1897 and £1 15s. in 1938. A double set capable of opening four lights, cost £1 15s. in 1897 and £3 10s. in 1938.





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