Workshop Tool Stand

The firm sold two types of workshop tool stands for around twenty years, after World War One. What drew them into producing and marketing these stands is unknown, it was obviously not a main stream product. It might have been a result of the firm moving into the production of engineering machinery for Messrs. F.J. Edwards Ltd. It might have been a product they developed and used internally and simply saw an opportunity to add to their portfolio at essentially no extra cost.

Workshop Tool Stand – 1925 Heating & Ventilation Catalogue

In 1925, model 1, with a drawer sold for £4, although by the late 1930s the price had been reduced to £3; similarly model 1 without a drawer cost £3 5s. in 1925 and £1 less in 1938. Model 2 with drawer was £4 12s. 6d. in 1925 and similarly to model 1 was reduced to £3 10s. in 1938; without a drawer version was £3 17s. 6d. in 1925 and £2 15s, in 1938; the model without either drawer or rack was reduced from £3 12s. 6d. to £2 10s. However, the price of a lock and key for either model was 5s. in 1925 and remained unchanged. All prices were exclusive of carriage.

Workshop Tool Stand – 1938 Heating & Ventilation Catalogue