Whilst not strictly a garden product, in the late 1950s the firm produced a sectional vehicle garage.


They were only available off-the-shelf, in one size, 16ft. x 8ft.; although other sizes were obtainable, they were made to order.

Using similar construction methods to the garden sheds they were available with weatherboarding or asbestos sides, half glazed double doors, side windows with an adjacent personal door and asbestos roof.


The firm was no stranger to constructing garages; they built one for Herbert Gifford Burder, one of the firm’s owners, at his holiday home in Hunstanton. In 1952, one of the firm’s employees, Mr. J.H. Bryans, of No. 119, Station Street, Loughborough purchased a bespoke 13ft. x 8ft. garage constructed using second-hand wooden framing with asbestos sides and roof.