Garden Sheds

In the late 1950s the firm introduced a range of wooden garden sheds, described as “Superior sectional Garden Sheds built for strength and durability[1]. The construction method was traditional, using a standard wooden frame, with ⅝in. weather-boarding, with a green sanded felt roof.


They initially manufactured two models, a span roof and a pent roof, both in red deal, which were available with or without a deal floor. Later they added a red cedar span roofed version was available with either a deal or red cedar roof, together with an optional deal floor.


The pent roof model appeared to be available only in one size, 6ft. x 4ft., whist the earlier span roofed models were available in three sizes 7ft., 8ft. and 9ft. long, all 6ft. wide, although the 9ft. version was later dropped.


The firm also introduced a span roof untreated sectional shed in red deal constructed of 2in. x 1½in. framing with ½in. thick vertical planed tongue and groove boarding. Available in two sizes, 7ft. x 5ft. and 8ft. x 6ft., it came without a floor, which could be purchased separately.


  1. Privately held records.