Glass Shelters

The beginning of the twentieth century saw a rapid rise in motor vehicle ownership, which in turn led to a probably unforeseen opportunity for the firm – the glass roof over vehicle washing area, which was typically immediately outside the garage; which in many cases were converted horse-drawn carriage houses.

Whilst the firm did not sell vast quantities of these shelters, around 20 are known to have been purchased, mainly by those clients who no doubt had a chauffeur and/or estate staff to undertake the task of keeping the vehicles clean and polished.

In conjunction with these glass roofed washing sheds the firm marketed glass roof shelters for other purposes, although rather surprisingly, there are very few recorded sales. The best known example of which was an 82ft. x 2in. x 37ft. 2in. glass shelter, which they installed in Jephson Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, in 1909. Several photographs appear on “Our Warwickshire” website, which mistakenly state that it is Victorian – Photo 1; Photo 2. The firm also published a photograph of the structure in their 5th Edition Catalogue:

Glazed Shelter, Jephson Gardens, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


Glass shelters installed by the firm

1905Barrington Park, Great BarringtonGlass roof over washing floor
1906Hale Hall, Liverpool42ft. x 14ft. Carriage washing shed
1907Whatton House, London Road, Long WhattonWashing shed roof
1907Mells Park, FromeLean-to roof over washing yard
1909Jephson Gardens, Newbold Terrace, Royal Leamington Spa82ft. x 2in. x 37ft. 2in. Glass shelter
1911Quorn Hall, Hunstman's Close, QuornSpan carriage washing shed
1912Elloughton Rise, No. 34, Elloughton Road, ElloughtonWashing shed roof
1912Royal Hotel, No. 23, Corn Market, DerbyPortable shelter over portico
1913Stainsby House, Main Road, Horsley WoodhouseGlazed washing shed roof
1913Locko Park, SpondonMotor space, washing shed
1913Mappercombe Manor, Powerstock27ft. x 21ft. Washing shed roof
1920Brooklands, Gynsill Lane, AnsteyGlass roof over garage washing space
1920Elmet(e) Hall, Elmete Lane, LeedsGlass roof adjoining garage
1922Midgham Park, Midgham,Garage washing shed roof
1922Stanlake Park, Waltham Road, TwyfordGarage washing shed roof
1922Fell Side, No. 145, Cole Lane, BorrowashGlass roof to washing space
1923Baggrave Hall, South CroxtonGlass roof to garage washing line
1923The Gatehouse, Manor Road, HarrogateWashing shed roof; doors & windows to garage
1924Elton Hall, Elton¾ span roof to garage washing space
1924Apley Park, Norton26ft, x 18ft. ¾ span washing shed roof
1924The Croft, North Cave28ft. x 17ft. ¾ span washing shed roof
1926Stansted House, Nottingham22ft. 6in. x 18ft. Washing shed roof
1927Antwicks Manor, Letcombe RegisGlass washing shelter to garage
1931Dale View, Sitch Lane, OkerGlass roof to washing space
1933No. 6, Albemarle Road, WoodthorpeGarage washing space glass roof
1939Holmwood, Kingston Hill, Kingston upon ThamesGlass roof over garage & washing space outside garages