Mr. E. Simkiss, Park Lodge, Park Lane, Littleover, Derby


In late 1945[1], Mr. Edwin Simkiss, a director of Messrs. Simkiss and Knighton Ltd., general engineers, of California Works, Parliament Street, Derby[2], approached the firm regarding a small porch. This was to be a 12ft. by 4ft. 6in glass and wood learn-to structure attached under the eaves to the north side of the bungalow, giving access via the kitchen. The estimate of £54 included fixing, glazing and painting but excluded brickwork and foundations.

Given that World War Two had only just ended the design was very utilitarian with components both in short-supply and in some cases, such as iron and timber, only available under licence. At the time the firm was doubtful that it could provide clear glass, suggesting that translucent may have to suffice. Having accepted the estimate, Mr. Simkiss, duly completed and submitted the planning application to the Shardlow Rural District Council, then applied for approval from the Ministry of Works to submit the forms for timber and iron, finally submitting the actual forms for 30 cu. ft. of timber and 1½cwt. of cast iron. However, this was all achieved in remarkably short time and on 19th January 1946, Mr. Simkiss wrote to the firm, confirming that the relevant licenses had been obtained. The form then submitting their own request to purchase imported Finnish Red Deal in 4in. x 2in. and 4in. x 3in. sizes.

Having agreed with the client to glaze the porch with translucent glass, when they came to order the glass from Pilkington’s, they were informed that translucent glass was only available in standard sizes, and that cut glass, as was required here, was only available in clear glass.

The porch, which was built in April 1946, is apparently still extant, whether the structure has been rebuilt in the same style is unknown.


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