Messenger & Co., Ltd., 5th Edition Catalogue

In this instance verandas cover both the covered walkways attached to a residence and those between the residence and one or more greenhouses.

The firm is known to have installed at least 30 verandas, dating from 1875 to 1955. The earliest was for Mr. W. T. Marriott at Sandal Grange, near Wakefield, when besides a veranda they installed a 36ft. long heated conservatory and heated fernery. The last, in 1955, was for Mrs. Holloway of No. 22, Leopold Street, Loughborough, when they installed a 14ft. x 11ft. summer house, with an open veranda.

Of the 30 known instances almost two-thirds were veranda only installations, the others were mainly associated with conservatories or greenhouse installations. The earliest known veranda only installation was in 1876 for William Courtenay Morland at Court Lodge, Lamberhurst, Kent, which included 54ft. of curved glass roof. The verandas were still standing in 1906, although not today.